“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”: The State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety acquainted with the rules of integration into EUCARIS


The transparency and availability of administrative services is a sign of a democratic society. This is one of the key points in the reforming of state institutions within the framework of the Association Agreement. Our EU neighbors have a great experience in converting the services provided by state institutions to an electronic format, which ensures the renewal of citizens’ trust in the Government and laws, and destroys the basis for corruption. The exchange of such experiences is usually done in bilateral and multilateral consultations at different levels.

     A two-day TAIEX  Expert Mission on the European Car and Driving Licence Information System (EUCARIS) organized in co-operation with the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety has finished its work.


      EUCARIS is a multifunctional information and communication system for the exchange of information that unites European countries in the field of exchanging data on the registration of road transport, driver licences and related personal data. EUCARIS has a wide regulatory framework, including the EUCARIS Treaty, EU Council Decision EU Council (in particular, Council Decision 2008/616 / JHA) and several bilateral agreements.

     The purpose of this event for the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety was to pave the way for integrating into the EUCARIS system, namely:

  1.  To have a clear idea about the structure of the system and procedure for connecting to EUCARIS services that will allow to modernize correctly and effectively the existing IT system of Ukraine for integrating into EUCARIS.
  2. To make steps towards a project plan for EUCARIS implementation in Ukraine.
  3. To create the National Electronic Register of Road Transport Undertakings and ensure its integration into the EUCARIS system.

   The Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety Mykhailo Noniak opened the meeting welcoming the foreign experts on the Ukrainian land. He thanked for the cooperation and desire to share experience. The Head noted that the implementation of such initiatives into Ukrainian realities is extremely important for Ukraine in the context of integration into the European community. He also said that for our state it is a complex task, which provides for the both legislative regulation and technical implementation. "Now we have a hope for the soonest adoption of the European integration laws without which it would be hard to imagine the effective functioning of innovations. But the road is made by walking. Therefore, I wish all the participants a very productive dialogue and success in development of the basic principles of interaction", - summarized Mykhailo Noniak.


     The event was held under the chairmanship of the representatives from the RDW (Dutch Vehicle Registration Agency):

  • Idske Dijkstra, Senior Advisor, Secretariat EUCARIS, and
  • Herman Grooters, Senior Advisor, Manager Operations EUCARIS.

       The participants were acquainted with the organizational structure, legal framework, financing, management of the EUCARIS system and the architecture of its connection to the TESTA  system, and also with such technical parameters as protection, authorization, registration, statistics. The presentations of using the EUCARIS system in the European Register of Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU) and during roadside inspections in terms of legislation, public effect and technical implementation were provided. The exceptional interest was attracted by the presentation of roadside control services in the EUCARIS system: risk profiles, connection with periodic technical reviews of the EUCARIS general approach, etc., conducting inspections on observation of traffic rules (integrating of electronic transport documents) and  TACHOnet  services in the EUCARIS system, in particular based on experience gained in the Netherlands.

     The representatives from the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety presented the state of play in Ukraine concerning the registration of vehicles, and provided their vision of the possibilities of using the EUCARIS system in Ukraine.

     As a result, the strategy of further interaction was developed for the purpose of creating the National Electronic Register of Road Transport Undertakings and its integration into the EUCARIS system.

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