Employees of Ukrtransbase within the framework of the international TAIEX project visited Lithuania

On 4-7 September 2017 officers of Ukrtransbezpeka visited the State Road Transport Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania (Vilnius) under TAIEX program.

According to the plan of TAIEX study visit "Integration into automated control system of road transport TACHOnet" (ETT IND/STUD 64892) working meetings with leadership, experts and inspectors of the Inspectorate were held.


   Lithuanian colleagues shared their own experience of reorganization of the Inspectorate. The Head of the Inspectorate, Mr. Robertas Šerėnas, told that the main tasks during the period of reorganization were: merger of separate services for rail, road and water transport safety into one institution.

     At the meeting the IT Department of the State Road Transport Inspectorate of Lithuania presented the structure of Pan-European TACHOnet system which included:

  • regulatory principles of TACHOnet;
  • description of API;
  • construction of the Inspectorate’s IT infrastructure for interaction with TACHOnet through the closed IT system of the EU sTESTA for interaction between public  institutions and services of the EU;
  • usage of TACHOnet for the Inspectorate’s  controlling functions on the road.


Special attention was paid to the requirements, specific features and experience of integration of the national IT systems of Lithuania into sTESTA and possible regulation on connection and operation of IT systems of Ukraine as a non EU country. Given the recent events in European and world cyberspace, the issues of cyber security were discussed.

       The host inspectorate demonstrated practical use of TACHOnet. Officers of Ukrtransbezpeka observed the whole cycle of road control: from separation of a specific vehicle out of road traffic, all procedures of road check to determination of a driver’s guilt and issuing relevant documents. Mutual integration of the IT systems and interaction of the regulatory services of Lithuania (road inspectorate, police, border guard, customs, institutions providing technical inspection of vehicles, etc.)  by means of existing telecommunications systems were of special interest.

      Officers of Ukrtransbezpeka visited an approved tachograph-testing center. These centers are active participants of IT interaction on implementation of the European commitment to achieve a high level transport safety.

     This station includes three lines of control for passenger transport and one for cargo. Organization of work station control involves the widespread use of IT services and procedures: recording, tracking, advance payment for the services of the center, the history of the control of the technical condition of each vehicle etc. Special attention was paid to the IT systems for technical experts who conducted the evaluation of technical condition of vehicles.

     This system not only provides informational support to the process of vehicle’s control, but also allows you to track all aspects of the work of experts in real time.  
     The system is the primary mechanism for detection and prevention of corruption among the station’s staff.



     Ukrtransbezpeka expresses appreciation for the organization of the study visit to the European Commission and representatives of the State of Road Transport Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania for the implementation of this event: Robertas Šerėnas, Justas  Rašomavičius, Giedrė Ivinskienė, Virginijus Čiškauskas, Gintaras  Serbenta, Romas  Vyšniauskas and others.

     The acquired knowledge and skills will be used in the work, and the methodological approaches will be implemented in the activity of Ukrtransbezpeka.

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